Mech OS is an Operating System created by FortressSwan. This OS was released on January 4, 2013. Please do not edit this page unless you are given permission by FortressSwan himself. 

Home Screen Interface

Mech OS Header
Mech OS Layout
Mech OS Layout 2
  • Messaging Unit
  • Phone Unit
  • Contacts Unit
  • Web Browsing (EDGE)/3G
  • Office System 
  • Social Hub Widget
  • Calender 
  • Multimedia (with Voice Recording)
  • Camera (with Video)
  • Music Player
  • Game Store (App Store)
  • Settings

Ontop of Filing Cabinet

Three things from the Menu can be placed ontop of the cabinet. I placed;

  • Email (includes Gmail, Yahoo Mail & Hotmail)
  • Wifi/Signal Tower, to connect to other networks & to check my connection speeds
  • IM for chatting



Mech OS offers a special office-based server named "Office System". Office System offers a word-processing unit for Word Documents. This allows a user to write documents, align paragraphs, add pictures from the internet, create lists and utilize a special feature named "Papers".  Documents are automatically saved into their corresponding "Binder". Not only is the phone part touchscreen, but it also houses a QWERTY-Keyboard for faster texting/typing. 


After saving a document, it will automatically be saved as a "Paper"; note, the background looks like an virtual paper on a desk. One can shuffle through their binder with a swipe of a finger, and tap to access different papers, AKA saved documents.

Send to Printer & Send to Buddy

If the person has purchased a Mech OS printer, one can send their papers to their printer for remote printing. This ability is rather useful; maybe one is in a hurry and doesn't have enough time to type in their due reports at home. Using this option requires Wifi or Mobile Phone connection. Send to Buddy allows one to send documents to one's email, without having to manually imput the file into the attachments section in one's email. 

Web Browsing

396px-Mech OS Internet
Running on Mech OS, the Web Browsing experience on Mech Phones is rather intuitive. The browser keeps a neatly assorted list of bookmarks on the tool-bar interface, which is located at the side of the screen. Running on a more advanced version of HTML, the web-browser is of high quality. This web browser supports Java and Flash, making it a convenient source for media streaming. Mech Phones run on 3G/2G (EDGE) connection. While the toolbar is at the side of the screen, the URL bar is at the top, with a search icon to the left. The internet screen includes zoom-in capabilities, which rely on the track ball. Whenever navigating the page with the track ball, one can press the trackball in order to zoom in.

Zooming In / Out

Once the red-outlined square is on it's designated area (which is controlled by the phone's trackball), a simple press will zoom in. Another press will zoom in a bit more. The third press zooming in at it's maximum. Zooming speeds are rather fast. To zoom out, simply double tap the trackball to zoom out little by little. 

Mask Mode

Like Google Chrome's incognito mode, activation of this ability will not allow cookies/browsing data to be recorded. This ability, however, fools even that of internet trackers! Your web-browsing experience will be kept completely private and safe. 


There is; a back button, a foward button, a wifi connection level icon (tells you the strength of your signal), a book marks button, a screenshot button, a tabs button and a favorites button. Beside the tool bar is a searching button and a refresh button. To go home, simply hold down the trackball. One can access their history via bookmarks.


Supporting HTML Coding, the internet browser holds up to 7 tabs which can all load seperatley. Unlike other phones, that run on the "Opera Mini Browser", Mech created it's own internet interface, named "Mech Web". 

Multitasking Interface

Mech OS Pages
Pages are stored into on-screen file cabinets. On screen, there are three visible filing cabinets, with 3 drawers. Each of these drawers contain stacks of up to 5 pages! In order to save pages into a filing cabinet, simply proceed in exiting out of that particular page, and a notice will pop up asking; "Save into (Filing Cabinet 1?)". Click okay, and it will be send. As each drawer is filled, the phone will automatically transfer pages into different cabinets/drawers, until it is filled. When all cabinets are filled, you will be notified.

To access your stacks of pages, simply click on one of your filing cabinet's drawers, to which the screen will zoom into it, click on the stack of pages and each page will be spread out before you! Simply click on the page you want to go to! 

To exit out of this interface, swipe your finger across the screen to re-stack the pages, then swipe up to close the cabinet, to which the screen will zoom out.

For additional features, one can decorate/recolor their filing cabinets with the editor's tool at the very top of the page. One can even rename their cabinets for further organization. 

Empty pages will appear as blank, gray-colored pages.

Social Hub

By going over to the "main office" (AKA the homescreen), one can access the Social Hub, which contains a Facebook Button, a Twitter Button, a built in Instagram Button, a Myspace Button (R.I.P), a YouTube button, a Kik Button and a Tumblr button.

Notification Stickies

After logging into any one of these social networking sites, "Notification Stickies" will be automatically activated. Whenever a message, tweet, ect, is left on one's social networking page, a sticky will slide into the center of the screen letting you know that someone left a comment on your page. To exit these stickies, simply "throw them away" from the screen from any given direction. To disable this ability, simply go into the settings interface, scroll down to the "Social Hub Options", and tap on the "Disable Stickies" tab to disable these notifications. 

Texting Interface

Mech OS Texting

Mech OS offers a unique texting interface. It is probably one of the most "customizeable" texting interfaces in the market. One can choose between a layout of bubbles, stripes, or clouds, the color of the text bubbles, the background color (one can even add a background picture to their texting interface), and the font style of the text; Arial, Times New Roman, Lucida Handwritting and the picture of the person being texted. Mech supports SMS & MMS. Holding down a letter on the phone's keyboard brings up an interface full of accents and other forms of writing when it comes to that particular letter. 

Mech OS has a spelling check. This, however, can be dissabled by going into the phone's settings. Not only does the phone have a wide span of letters, but it has a special "Smilies Hub". The phone should have a "Smilies Button" on the keyboard. Pressing this button (when texting or working in Office System) will bring up an entire interace full of smilies/emoticons on the screen. 

Contacts / Calling

Contacts are automatically placed into alphabetical order for easier searching. For those with a lot of contacts, one can just click on the search button, type in the name in the bubble that popped up and press enter on their keyboard. The contact will be automatically brought up, along with the rest of its information. Aside from this, one can link their contacts to any of the Social Networking options the Social Hub has to offer. Once something is updated on your page, a message will be automatically be sent to your contact's number, notifying them of that update in particular. This ability can be enabled/disabled for whichever contact one desires!

Calling can be done by going to the phone icon in the main interface. From there, one can view their recent calls, call history and the actual dialing area. One can also call from the list of contacts. Like in the internet browser, one can use their masking ability to make undetected calls; not even third party softwares can track down these calls. Deleting call history removes it from detection as well; same for texts.

Games Store

Not only does Mech OS come with an app store, but it comes with built-in games. Built-in games include:

-Break the Bricks, Chess & Checkers, Minesweeper, Solitaire, Word Search and Hangman (words are updated weekly when connected to a service provider).

App Store

Mech OS's App Store isn't the greatest, however, it does offer a few features;

Free Apps

-Mech Search Engine: Search up entries, get results.

-Mech Pix: edit pictures, and make them nice. Very useful for profile pictures

-Mech Profile: make a mech profile and add it to the social hub! Stay in touch with others who have Mech Phones. Features include; an editable profile, video & chat room creation. Includes access to the mech forums!

-Mech Radio: currently in competition with Pandora, Mech offers a search engine for music, and even the option to download the music for offline listening!

-Mech OS Maps: Like Google Maps, one can look up locations, ect. via this map app! Perfect and convenient, it's a big help when it comes to travel!

-Mech Bible App: Read the books of the bible on your phone!

Payed Apps

-MechFlix: View movies on MechFlix. MechFlix is currently in competition with Netflix. Unlike netflix, one can create a free account, and watch movies via the app (movies can't be downloaded). There is a variety of free and payed movies to watch! $1.99

-Mech Movie Hotspot: stay updated on movies, their movie times and movie theaters! $0.99

-Mech Studio: Edit videos, them them nice; the video version of mobile photoshop. $1.10

-Mech TV: stay up to par with ABC family, the Food Channel and for kids, Cartoon Network & Nickolodean. Shows include: Chopped, Cake Boss, Pretty Little Liars, ABC's Seasonal Events, Make It or Break It, The Regular Show, Adventure Time, Spongebob and Deggrassi. Do note that episodes will be aired weekly or upon release. Until then, the older video will stay. As for cartoons, up to a list of 5 episodes can be chosen from Mech TV's cartoon hub. When shows are out-dated, the app will automatically switch that particullar show with the next big thing. $1.99

-Mech Anime Hub: Stay touched with the latest Shonen Jump manga chapters and episodes! $0.99


The phone's settings include;

-Bluetooth Options,

-Wifi Options, (enable/disable, airplane mode, list of remembered wifis)

-Developers options,

-OS Information,

-Factory Reset,

-Theme Options,


-Sound Options, (ringtones, alarms, volume, ect.)

-USB Syncing Options; connects phone to computer for Office System Management, passing & converting documents from .docx to .offs, EDGE tethering, transferring pictures, videos and music).

-Email Options,

-Brightness Options,

-Data Usage,

-Phone Company Options; Company's phone number, Data Plan, Plan Information, Contract Expiration Date & countdown, Payment Widget (allows you to pay your phone bill from your phone; includes access to credit cards and your service provider's store via a seperate, URL-less browser.)

-Clock Options; area time, from there, the phone automatically updates its time interface (as long as the phone is connected to a provider)


Mech OS Camera

Mech OS's camera is unique from the others. It has two seperate icons on both sides of the photo-taking icon (the big star in the middle). Beneath these options are settings that correspond to the camera (flash & effects). The two arrows in the side signify zooming in/zooming out. The camera is 3 Megapixles, with flash and video (each video can last up to 5 minutes). The phone can hold up to 3,000 pictures, making it one of the best-selling picture phones in the market! There is a frontal camera, however, this one lacks flash.

Form Factor

Mech phonee

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